Website available in English language

april 2017

We release our website English language version.

Official website now online

march 2017

Last Human 666 release its official website, here you will find news, information and everything related to the band.

Find us on major online music streaming platforms.


Vestiges, our first studio album is available on major online music streaming platforms, you can listen it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and many more.

Split with Infernal Throne (MAL)

january 2017

Last Human 666 is working on a split with Infernal Throne from Malaysia, this material will feature four new tracks and will be released exclusively in cassette format.



Last Human 666 is a black death metal band from Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


In 2013, after two years of leaving Aiwass and forming part of the cover band Bastard God, Pedro Malo decides to start a new project and calls guitarist Luis Peña, later Edyy Skull joins the band on drums and begins to make originals songs.

Last Human 666 debuts on August 31, 2013 in Monterrey, Mexico; Luis Peña leaves the band a few months later and the search for a new guitarist begins. Thanks to Javier Candia, bassist of Malebolge and friend of the band, in February of 2014 Javier Xul calls Pedro Malo, after an audition, he remained formally inside the band, restarts the rehearsals, composed new songs and began recording his demo . The new line-up debuted on May 17, 2014 at the first Clandestine Fest held at the factores mutuos gym en Monterrey, México.

Last Human 666 has shared stage with international bands like Luzbel, Nargaroth, Demonic Christ and Aura Noir.

The name of the band was taken as satire to the Christian religions, its theme is of hate, Satanism and blasphemies. The band's official formation date is June 8, 2013.


  • Javier Xul


  • Pedro Malo

    Bass y Vocals

  • Edyy Skull



  • God of flies

    Demo 2014

  • Vestiges

    EP 2016



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